My first app - push notifications from Instagram

This is my first app made in Clojure. I’d love to get some review.

Looks good to me :slight_smile: Are you looking for feedback on anything in particular? Are there aspects of the code that left you wondering if there’s a “better way”?

I already got some review in Reddit so the code was changed since the initial version. But I have two more questions:

  1. I use an environment variable to get the Telegram token. Since I could not find a Java function to set an environment variable, I could not figure out how to set this variable from the REPL itself in order to test the app, so I closed the REPL, set the environment variable in Emacs itself and then restarted it. Is there a better way? Is there any better framework to handle configuration variables in Clojure?

  2. Is there any macro similar to Rust’s “unwrap” method? I looking for some way to tell “I don’t want this variable to be null. If it is, throw an exception”. Currently i just do (or x (throw Exception "...")) for every such value.

  1. You can use environ

  2. There isn’t an existing function for that. But you don’t need a macro for something so simple. Just define a function as:

(defn unwrap [a]
  (if (some? a)

But, depending what you’re trying to achieve, you can also instead choose to use either Clojure pre/post and assert machinery or Clojure spec.

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