My heart of clojure pov

Just a sharing of a blog I wrote on the Heart Of Clojure. Thx all people there who made it happen!




As someone of a hybrid background with IT and structural engineering, the focus on domains in your post strikes a note with me.

I didn’t get a chance to go to the conference - do you have any favorite talks?


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Hi! Difficult question! I personally liked most of the talks…and also I liked the atmosphere before or after talks, the dinner togheter, the private talk I had with people. It was to me a great experience. I didnt have clue what people do with music and clojure for example. I enjoyed the lightining talks also,they really touched me. It is a difficult atmosphere to describe and I think the video will not show it. I liked the talks about our community in high level but also the technical one, but I mostly liked the humor, the people talks after before the talks etc. For me Was really a special conf. I have been in conferences like fosdem in belgium but I can’t compare them with heart of clojure. So it was not only the talks. And eated also my best sandwiches ever :grin::sweat_smile: I told already that to the organizers too :sweat_smile::grin: but I think seriously this conference is individual’ some people will like x talks and others perhaps y. There were so different talks!

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