My rencent tiny tools built with ClojureScript(before September 2018)

I created some tiny tools that I needed in the past months, here’s a list:


This project is earlier. I use it as my todolist. It’s running for a while now.

Table Two

Table2 is a Markdown collaborative editing tool. One can edit by paragraph and it’s synced to others. It’s far from professional tools, but I think it already covers my basic needs.



Main part of Diary is a calendar, and I can see which days has diary. Much convenient for me to add diaries everyday.


Just a list of snippets I can click to copy.



They are the libraries I use to replace js/alert js/confirm js/prompt in my Respo apps.

File Sucker

A small tool I made for transferring some medium size files from my phone to my laptop though WiFi. It’s actually HTTP file uploading based on Node.js .

Fontawesome Finder

Search font-awesome icons.

There are also several pending projects.

Diff View

I wanted my own version of Online DiffChecking. With no ads, no page refreshing. I found a npm package and finished basic features very quick.

I got a problem in generating inline diffing. GitHub has line diffing and inline diffing. I don’t know how to implement that by my own. I currently use jsdiff to generate line diffing.


It’s very thin wrapper on top of Node.js for scripting usages. My initial motive was to create a proxy server with Node.js which I can use to replace http-proxy but later I figured out proxy is not easy to make. So skir is only for scripting… not sure how I can really make it useful yet.


Nice! Thanks for sharing them!

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