New Clojureverse Categories

Since a short while there’s a generic “Clojure” category, which seems to have encouraged people to post questions and other things.

I also added an “Announce” category. If you just want to share a link this is the place to go. New libraries, updates, blog posts, videos, interesting projects are all fair game. Do read the About the Announce category post for some guidelines. In particular don’t just post only a link, but add a file lines about what it is and why it’s interesting.

Now my question is, do you have suggestions on which categories to add? I’m thinking ClojureScript, Emacs (for Emacs+Clojure topics), … anything else?

+1 for ClojureScript, I think most of my topics are on ClojureScript.

Maybe shadow-cljs also?

I added a ClojureScript category and moved a bunch of posts over.

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