Next.jdbc 1.0.0 - the "gold" release!

next.jdbc 1.0.0 is available!

It contains just two small usability enhancements over the release candidate that came out last week:

  • If you misuse plan and end up printing out the result, for example when experimenting in the REPL, the Java object representation now contains a string that offers a hint of what you might have done wrong (not reduced the result, not mapped over the rows of the result set).
  • next.jdbc.result-set/datafiable-result-set has been exposed (after some refactoring) to make it easier to deal with database metadata – a feature that supported via a couple of functions that were very thin wrappers around Java interop. See Processing Database Metadata in the migration guide for an example.

I want to thank everyone here who has provided input on the design of next.jdbc and who has tested the prerelease builds – Clojure has a wonderful community!

We’re using next.jdbc in production at work already (of course) so please take it for a test drive and let me know how it goes!


Congratulations! It’s been interesting to be able to follow the design discussion.

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Congratulations! It’s a big release for the whole clj-community.