Nikita Prokopov is on Patreon


In case you missed it (like me), @tonsky (creator of Fira Code, rum, datascript amongst others) has a Patreon to support his work on his open-source projects. I’m very happy it looks successful (> 5k $/month to date), which is awesome.

@tonsky, I hope to convince my current employer to fund your work on rum, we depend on it so much.



I also congratulated Nikita on this but it seems that this number is only so high due to a one-time donation by JetBrains for DataScript. They also talked about this on the defn podcast.

So I guess he can still use some more individual patrons :slight_smile:


Didn’t know Patreon supported one-time donation. Good to know.

And happy to learn Jetbrains has donated! Makes me an even happier customer of their products.