NLP in Clojure - Session 1 - summary & recording

Following a few recent suggestions, we organized a study meeting about NLP, possibly a first in a series.
This event is related to the upcoming ds4clj course – it is part of our exploration of topics that may later become part of the course.

Moderated: @kiramclean

The session began with an intro by Dimid Duchovny about Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.

Then, @daslu presented the use of the spaCy library, first from Python, and then from Clojure through Libpython-clj.

Towards the end, @Carsten_Behring added some comments about the broader picture of interop and machine learning in Clojure.

Zulip chat of the session



(in editing, coming soon)

Next times

to be announced soon


Here is the intro part I presented (the hand-on part is coming soon):

nlp4clj session 1


  • begin a series of study/exploration sessions around NLP in Clojure

  • welcome friends from other tech backgrounds

  • explore topics & methods towards the ds4clj course

  • begin with a few basic ideas that some NLP systems use as their first layers


  • not an NLP expert

  • just an intro to some basic methods

Resources for this session

Broader picture

Let us explore

This looks like a great start. Couldn’t join unfortunately, but will happily consume all this juicy content.
I’ve been working on a tool to make my mail inbox usable again and was planning on parsing and indexing all my emails - detecting concepts and relationships while doing so, so I can use RDF or something similar to query my inbox. (full text search won’t quite cut it)

@beders thanks!

Sounds wonderful. Please tell if you’d like to share your experience & practices in a future session.

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