NLP study meetings?

(edit: note the tentative time change, last changed 2022-08-27)

Following a few recent suggestions, let us consider the idea of NLP study meetings.

The first half should be useful for a general curious audience of some programming background. The second half should be useful for curious Clojure developers.

cc @ryanorsinger @Yi_Lin @Webdev_Tory

Suggested format:

  • Somebody is “driving” – sharing the screen and going through tutorials. Everybody is trying to help.
  • The driver has gone through everything beforehand (library installations, making sure the tutorial works).
  • We do not assume that anybody is an expert. We meet to learn together and be confused together.
  • Agenda:
    • 1st hour: going through a self-contained Python NLP tutorial
    • a short break
    • 2nd hour: going through it from Clojure (either through the libpython-clj bridge or directly)
  • Assumed knowledge:
    • For the 1st part, we can invite our data-curious friends even if they do not care about Clojure.
    • For the 2nd part, we’ll assume some Clojure knowledge but try to make it interesting for both experienced and new Clojurians.

Suggested time for a first session: 15:00 on Sunday, September 4, 2022 UTC - (click to see in your time zone).
:star: Edit: We will probably meet on Sep. 10th. :star:

:question: Are you interested?
:question: Does the time work for you? If not, please let me know about your availability during that weekend.
:question: Do you have any suggested tutorial?
(personally, I am interested in spaCy and Rasa these days)



I would be interested in taking part in some NLP study meetings. The time would work for me. I am also fairly new to the whole Clojure world and would love to learn from more experienced people.

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Thanks for your kind responses.

We might eventually meet a little later that day since an experienced NLP friend might be able to join and help.

We’ll update soon.

I am interested in spending a few hours on these topics.

I would like a walking through using libpython-clj with Python NLP

The day and time or later works for me.

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Hello, I’m interested and available for the current date at just about anytime. I have no experience in NLP beyond a budding curiosity.

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I don’t have any experience with NLP, but I’m certainly interested. Meeting time works for me.

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FYI: GitHub - simongray/datalinguist: Stanford CoreNLP in idiomatic Clojure.

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Many thanks for these ideas, @Webdev_Tory, @simongray.
Of course, Datalinguist (and CoreNLP through it) is something we should hope to explore on one of those sessions.

For the first time, I think we will look into spaCy.

  • We want to make half of the session friendly to our Python friends.
  • Beginning with a Python example and then wrapping with Libpython-clj is a convenient path from a Python-friendly session to the joy of Clojure.
  • spaCy is a good example of where Clojure’s data-oriented programming can make things joyful.
  • I have recently started feeling comfortable with it.
  • Possibly, an experienced NLP friend will join and teach us a bit about it.
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For the curious, here is the historical Zulip topic thread where @alanmarazzi & @Chris_Nuernberger were looking into spaCy, and then began looking into Python interop.

Wow! What a great resource. I’ve wrapped it directly with interop in the past, but so nice that you have done that for us. I hope you might get signed up for the NLP agenda some time soon to show us what datalinguist/CoreNLP are capable of.

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I’m very interesting

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Hi, everybody, this planned meeting will probably be delayed to Saturday, Sep. 10th.

We will update about it in the coming days.

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Announced the session here:

Thanks, everybody, for your helpful feedback, and sorry for the time change.

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Alas, I have a last minute work conflict. But if the session does end up recorded and shared publicly, I look forward to enjoying it asynchronously. And perhaps joining future sessions. Thanks!

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Thanks, @Eppy. Good to know.

After the session, let us discuss whether we wish to organise another one.

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The first session was very inspiring. Thank you so much to our presenters!

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