Online meeting: clojure data science -- discussing the format


Continuing the running discussion of clojure data science, let us discuss the format of our first online meeting under this topic.

Please share your thoughts about the following aspects – or any others that you find relevant. You can also send me private messages about your personal preference, etc.

One possible suggestion:
Let us choose a time slot (or maybe two time slots for convenience), that can work periodically.
Just an example: third Saturday of every month, at some hour that is reasonable to all timezones.

Meeting format
One possible suggestion:

  • 1st part: learning together - everybody are invited. Everybody present themselves briefly, and then 3-4 people show short demos they have prepared. Some time limits will be set, to match the number of participants, etc.
  • 2nd part: discussing development - library developers are invited. We conduct a focused discussion around 2-3 specific topics.

Meeting platform
Some of us have had decent experience with Zoom and with Google Hangouts.

Discussion platform
Where will we keep the discussions between meetings?

Zulip seems to have some advantages, and some of us found it useful. Its fine structure of streams and topics will probably allow the granularity that we need.

Another option, with similar granularity, is Reddit. One difference is that it is visible without login and being indexed by search engines. This may have pros and cons in our case (going on the fine line that allows both focus and broad participation).

Naturally, some groups will emerge, to discuss the various fields of problems (more or less along the lines mentioned by @alanmarazzi and @cnuernber).

Anything else?


OK, wrt ‘Discussion platform’, I’m convinced something other than clojureverse is needed. After being granted new status to make new comments/replies, I just hit yet another limitation: 'you cannot have more than 3 consecutive comments/replies". That’s probably fixable with some new status tweek, but then there probably even more limitations to be hit. Zulip may be the better option, though I’ve had issues with that as well.

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Meeting Format and Platform

I am up for any format.

I have never tried Youtube Live but that could be great so we can also record the discussion?

A Propos podcast is doing it I think…

I am located in Quebec City, EST (GMT-5)
I cannot on Saturdays.


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The zulip chat is here but only @daslu and I are in it atm.

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I joined as well.
Zulip also allows for video calls via - I started a test-call to see if it’s any good.

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So, are we choosing Zulip as the main discussion platform?

Any other thoughts about that?

I’m there waiting for the conversation to progress.

The thread is here

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Wonderful. See you there.

For background on Zulip, see this discussion.

It is recommended to know a bit about Zulip’s concepts of streams and topics.

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We made this questionnaire to prepare for the Clojure data science online meeting.

Your response here will be extremely helpful!


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