Online Talk: Clojure & gRPC - overcoming F.O.M.O.! (by Sathya Vittal)

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Title: Clojure & gRPC - overcoming F.O.M.O.! (by Sathya Vittal)
TIME: 2020-10-27T18:30:00Z
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Sathya Vittal (sathyavijayan (Sathyavijayan Vittal) · GitHub) will be presenting his experience with gRPC in Clojure.

It’s the best time to be working in technology, but its also the time when there are just way too many things to keep an eye on and learn. There is too much FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), causing anxiety. The talk is about how Sathya overcame his anxiety and what aspects he looked at while designing RPC-based APIs.

Sathya joined the industry like Asok, aspiring to become Dilbert, but is now worried he is turning into Wally or worse, the dreaded Pointy Haired boss. At his day job, he is the CTO of Verbo, where he and his team are building tools that help fast-growing E-Commerce merchants leverage data and AI to increase revenue and operational efficiency. He is crazy about Clojure, Coffee, Cricket and Cooking!


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The recording of this event is available here:

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