Online Talk: Datalevin, a simple Datalog database for building stateful apps

Event link:
Time: 2020-09-22T17:30:00Z

Huahai Yang will be presenting Datalevin:

Huahai has been working in Clojure for 8 years. He currently works on conversational AI for Juji Inc. as the CTO. He’s passionate about solving hard problems with the simplest possible solutions.
He also created Editscript a library to extract the differences between two data structures.

Datalevin is a port of Datascript in-memory Datalog database to LMDB.
The rationale is to have a simple and free Datalog query engine running on durable storage. Many developers prefer the flavor of Datalog popularized by Datomic® over any flavor of SQL, once they get to use it.


Hi all,

here the recording of this event.