Online Talk: From lein to deps and back (by Aleksandar Simic)

The London Clojurians meetup is proud to present:
Title: From lein to deps and back.
Time: Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - @18.30 GMT+1 (click here to see local time)

Aleksandar Simic (dotemacs (Александар Симић) · GitHub) will be presenting how to use the new clj command-line tools in conjunction with deps.edn.

Aleksandar is a hands-on CTO for hire, with 15 years experience, last six of those are in Clojure. He’s worked in various industries, from telecommunications, internet service providers, consultancies, government, e-gaming to e-commerce.

Leiningen is still the prevalent build tool in the Clojure community with over 80% of the users making use of it. However, there is a sharp adoption of deps.edn tooling as well.
Aleksandar will show how to use the new command-line tooling for those who still are using Leiningen and are curious about the new deps.edn.

Connection details will be send 1h before to the ppl who RSVP’d


Hi all,

Here the recording of this event:

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