Paredit problem with cider-repl buffer - how to setup smartparens?

Me and my colleague see a problem where paredit-mode makes the cider-repl buffer in emacs doesn’t really work anymore. It is still possible to send sexprs to cider from buffers with code in them.

When paredit is disabled things seem to work as they should.

I tried to create a new .emacs and tried with smart-parens, which is probably even better than paredit, but I don’t understand how to bind sp-kill-hybrid-sexp to C-k. This is the paredit-functionality I use the most so I cannot really live without it.

How do I bind sp-kill-hybrid-sexp to C-k when smartparens mode is enabled?

Sounds like you may have hit this issue:

A recent update to paredit remapped the Return key (!!) causing the CIDER repl to seem not to work.

The solution is to add this to your init file (init.el or .emacs):

(define-key paredit-mode-map (kbd "RET") nil)

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Thanks a lot, this did the trick!

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