Poll: how to write CLOJUREVERSE

I feel like we should decide what the “official” way is to style the name of this thing

  • :clojureverse
  • ClojureVerse
  • clojure/verse
  • clojureverse
  • Clojureverse
  • cl0jur3v3rs3

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I keep seeing “reverse” in some of these. ClojureVerse and clojure/verse seem to avoid this :man_shrugging:


that was my thought also ! one idea to avoid this will be kebab case (we all know we hate camel-case) so : clojure-verse ?!

Missing an option for clj-vs :wink:

“ClojureVerse” and “Clojureverse” seem to be the most popular, with ClojureVerse currently at a narrow lead. This name also has the benefit that it avoids being interpreted as (reverse "cloju").

I also like the accidental linguistic reference, although perhaps ClojuProse would have been more appropriate.

So it looks like we’re going with ClojureVerse. Please update your verse prose!

I kept trying to vote for the l337 speak one but it wouldnt let me. Well played.

The poll is immutable now so as not to mess with history.