Polling with core.async

Polling with core.async

Here is the video. Instead of my usual screencasts, I went for a stroll and recorded myself moving about. It is said that walking facilitates thinking – and, presumably, talking. Aristotle and his students, notably, would pace under the colonnades of the Lyceum in Athens, where what they would see from the outside world could be related to the matter at hand. We call this peripatetic learning. How does this work in the age of the Internet? Please let me know.

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I find the Internet is great for finding stuff, not for living and working in. I like to print out articles to read off the computer. And I often write on paper to type it in later.

Also, I did quite a few podcast/videos while walking around with a lavalier mic and my phone. Walking helps talking for sure.

I don’t know how people sit there looking at a screen for eight hours. Well, I know how, but I don’t understand why they choose it.


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