Porting a macOS Clojure Dev Setup to Windows WSL2

I wrote a blog about configuring a Windows machine for remote Clojure development usage based on my old macOS dev setup:



How would you rate your experience comparing MacOS and win+WSL? e.g. 90 v.s 80 (out of 100)…

I can’t really say because I’m using Windows WSL2 differently than my MacBook Pro: remote development server vs laptop. Also it’s been only one week that I’ve used it like this. WSL2 works as advertised so far. The I/O for Docker containers in WSL2 even seems a bit better than on my MacBook Pro. I could see myself moving to a laptop with a similar WSL install over the long haul, especially given the price of MacBooks and the uncertainty that the new ARM architecture will bring.

Now Docker Desktop has Kubernetes inside which also might be useful to some.

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