Posted How Clojure helped us recover from bad data

I have written about our experience with a production troubleshooting made much simpler by Clojure and FP design. I hope it can help to demonstrate the value of these to businesses people and other programmers!

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(Feedback welcomed!)


Thanks for the nice, crisp blog post. Wasn’t too long and a good read.

One question though… You’re describing the benefits of FP in general (e.g. you could’ve done the exact same stuff in F# too, right?)… Why Clojure specifically?

Thank you!

I am not describing FP, I am describing our actual experience so here is your answer - because we use Clojure. Yes, many of the benefits come from FP though some might be unique to Clojure - REPL, ability to (re)define functions at runtime, ability to mix and match data from different sources (DB, REST, …) b/c they are just data and not classes - isn’t that contrary to F#, as a statically typed lang?

TBH, I’m new to FP in general. So I don’t know :slight_smile:

I was looking to learn from your experience about this.

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