Pre-relaunch Todo

Before formally announcing Clojureverse to be “relaunched”, I’d like to get everything in tip top condition, and then write a nice welcome post explaining the launch that we can share on the relevant channels.

Things that still need doing in no particular order. I’ll add to this as we figure things out. I’m also making this post a wiki so anyone should be able to edit.

  • Set up https
  • Set up OAuth (I’d start with Github. Twitter or Google would also be cool)
  • Move posts in the old Clojure category to where they belong
  • Make sure all categories have their “about this category” filled out
  • Write launch announcements post
  • Pick a date to open the champagne :champagne:

Places to announce the launch


Any idea about reactivate @clojure and @clojurescript on Twitter?

I have no idea who controls those accounts…

any people to ask? they seem created quite early.

https can be done pretty painlessly through the let’s encrypt template:

Oauth logins are also relatively straightforward

Here’s github:



@jiyinyiyong maybe start a new thread for that? Another stale resource to add to the list is I just stumbled upon it following a link from, seems it hasn’t been upgraded since 2013.

@featheredtoast thanks for the links, I’ll check them out.

Another thing that would be nice to do server setup wise but that I could use some help with from someone with more docker and/or discourse experience would be to split the discourse container into two (a “web” + a “data” container). This would reduce the downtime whenever I upgrade or change a plugin from 5 to 10 minutes to seconds.

Some info here and here.

On a related note: expect some downtime in a bit, I’ll be setting up Let’s Encrypt.

you might want to give a head’s up to people running PragPub magazine as well, they featured lots of clojure before.

It’s worth asking, altough looking at a recent issue I’m not sure what section such an announcement would go in.

I saw that SSL has been added and noticed that the little green lock that we all like so much is missing. It seems to be due some resources being loaded over HTTP:

Mixed Content: The page at ‘’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image ‘’. This content should also be served over HTTPS.

This seems to be the logo on the front page so I guess the template needs to be customized in some way :slight_smile:

I updated the URLs in the settings and it seems that fixed the issue :slight_smile:

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May also be worth pinging Eric, he sends out a weekly newsletter as well.


I went through all the categories and made sure they all have a short description. I might have a look at the OAuth stuff later in the week if @featheredtoast doesn’t beat me to it.

I’ve been thinking about the “launch”. I know we’re all happily chatting away already, but I’d like to do still have some kind of launch event. The internet loves events.

So I was thinking, how about we do a mini game jam the first weekend of December? It would be a very low key thing, none of that “skip sleep for a weekend” hackaton nonsense. But instead encouraging people to work Saturday and or Sunday afternoon to work on a little indy game, alone or with friends, and share the process and the result in #showcase:your-projects-and-libraries. (I’d love to see what people will come up with, and it would help to seed that category a bit).

It also just so happens that that same weekend Ludum Dare takes place (the world’s longest running game jam), so people that actually want to compete can do so there.

Yay? Nay?

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Currently Halite II is running and there’s a starter kit for Clojure. This year I’ve been using the contest as a reason to learn more about Julia, but last year I did all of my submissions in Clojure and had a blast. Might be fun to do a mini-relaunch-Halite-hackathon…

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@jballanc I’ve also seen Halite and thought it was really cool but didn’t have the time :frowning: Maybe open another topic with a few pointers for people to get started and then interested people can join in / support each other.

Not sure what category that should go into but maybe @plexus has some thoughts on that.

Interesting, @jballanc maybe you can put an introduction into what Halite is plus some pointers in the brand new #topics:game-development category?

It looks pretty cool, and I’m cool with offering it as an option, but I’d like the general event to be non-competitive, since competitive events tend to be more appealing to men than to others.

The announcement post is up, we’re officially live \o/

I already shared it on a few places, see the checklist at the top. Feel free to share it wherever it makes sense. Or you can just retweet the tweet.

Thanks all!

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ping @danielcompton and @ericnormand, any chance you could link to the announcement post from your respective mailing lists? Thanks!

Yep, got it booked in for this week, happy to mention it. If you’ve got more stuff in the future you’d like me to mention, ping me directly as I may miss these forum mentions. Thanks!