Preferred grid frameworks that work with Garden

So what css grid frame works do you all use if you choose Garden to create your css? I’m not a big fan of bootstrap and Bourbon seems all but impossible to really get going with Garden. I’ve taken a look at Mesh and Greenhouse which are written in clojure. Both seem to have some interesting bits, Greenhouse a little clearer to use of course.

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I realize this may not directly answer or help with your question, but maybe there’s something in it for you:

With Flexbox and Grid being an option for me (I’m able to disregard non-supporting browsers), I usually ‘roll my own’ in terms of not using a grid-y framework at all. I moved away from the conceptual styling models of Bootstrap and the like by separating styles into a large collection of primitive classes (large meaning a lot of them), like .txt-bld, .txt-it, or .d-f.fd-r.f-ai-c (meaning something along the lines of display: block; flex-direction: row; align-items: center), and a few ‘trumps’ for unique/special elements on the page (usually below 10).

This has enabled me to only ‘name’ a component/element of the UI when I build the actual Reagent/… component, and has reduced mismatches between naming in CSS and ‘behavioral’ components. Anytime I felt I needed a ‘traditional’ CSS framework it immediately brought back all sorts of problems related to conceptual mismatches between styling and logic, which ultimately made the code much harder to understand/work with, and probably more costly in the long run.


About what I expected. Funny I started playing with flex grid but i’ll have to come back to it. I don’t really like the implementation YET. I’ll have to toy with it more.

If you like Clojure built-in functions and data structure (of course you do :stuck_out_tongue: ), you will like Tachyon css. It’s functional, really

Good resourse to learn it


Agree, very nice and functional CSS toolkit. Allows to write as less CSS code as possible by composing utility classes, like composing functions.