Principled guide: Clojure from the ground up

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been enjoying this guide lately:

I’m not entirely new to Clojure. Yet, I’m finding I really enjoy this ground-up introduction to Clojure. Symbols and vars are introduced before functions, and used to explain functions. Each step builds upon the previous. I’ve been filling in some of my own gaps, especially in understanding how def binds symbols to vars, removing a bit of magic.

Please do comment if you enjoy the post!


Can’t agree with you more. Aphyr is definitely a hacker I admire.
Beside his post, Riemann is another product I recommend, it is an excellent monitor system, stream abstraction gives programmers full power of DSL to define alert rules.
For anyone interested in distributed system, I bet jepsen is your best friend.

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Back when I was a clojure noob, I tried so many getting started guides and tutorials! Aphyr’s was the first one I actually grokked right away, and was able to follow through to the end. Hats off to him!

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