Procedure.async - Async procedures for Clojure

Hi all, I’ve developed a library called procedure.async, which provides async procedures for Clojure


  • It’d be interesting to have re-frame’s reg-sub like flow on the backend (we have reg-pro - register procedure) - which forces us to develop handlers in a certain way
  • reg-pros have dependencies (similar to reg-sub’s :<- [:some-procedure-id]) and they realize asynchronously, so that gives some computational power
  • It allows a more natural way to keep frontend and backend code in the same file (.CLJC)
  • Frontend communicates via procedure’s id directly (e.g. (dispatch-pro [:procedure-id payload-map]) - like dispatching re-frame event)
  • We can implement re-usable/high-level UI components in the same file with reg-pros, allowing us to have a close view of what is happening in a single unit
  • This design makes it easier to apply changes for both sides
  • Feels like Storybook for both frontend and backend!