Project to learn (almost from scratch) Clojure

Hi people, I am studying Clojure in my free time and I already reached some point where I wanted to develop some simple project but with some good purpose. Do you have some source of good ideas that would be good to build from scratch?

If someone else is also learning and has an idea that you want to explore, let’s talk here and try to start something together. It might be very good experience to interact with more people inside the project.


I think the best way to learn is to find everyday problems that you deal with and try to solve them programatically.

My first attempt at learning Clojure involved taking CSV data from the Expensify app and transforming it to fit the format of my own expense reports. Clojure is very good for these kind of tasks where you get data from one system and need to massage it into another format.

For me, I do a lot of software tech support, and I am constantly logging into systems, running queries, checking network connections, making sure services are running, etc. Anything I do repeatedly, I try to write a Clojure routine to do it for me, then I build a website that can call the various functions. Often my troubleshooting involves walking 7 or 8 branches of a troubleshooting tree-- but I can call a Clojure program that runs them all at once, and just presents me a web page with the whole diagnostic…

What is best for you probably depends on the domain in which you work…

I loved the exercises. They gave me a chance not only to learn Clojure, but to learn to be comfortable using the tooling around it (editors, tests etc) As I became more comfortable with solving these problems, I would start encountering problems at work, and seeing them naturally catagorize themselves into s-expressions in my brain…


Two suggestions:

  2. Write a asciidoc online editor (clojurescript)

Wow, never heard about this website. Nice! Thanks. I will check it out. These days I am doing a lot of data conversions at work from MongoDB to SqlServer or from Cassandra to Mysql… I started re-implementing some functionalities of my systems at home.

I will check the now o/

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Find something that itches and scratch it. Some task is a waste of your time and mind space? fix it once, with Clojure.

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