Put pronouns and primary language in your profile card

At the closing keynote of Heart of Clojure the speaker Rachel Lawson mentioned this idea of putting people’s pronouns, primary language, and location at the top of a post. We thought that was a really cool idea. When communicating online there’s not a lot of context, and so people are too easily misunderstood. Getting a better idea of who we’re talking to can help there, both when interpreting what people wrote, and when replying to others.

So we’ve decided to add two new “user fields”, primary language and pronouns. We already had a field for location. These will show up on your profile and your profile card (the thing that pops up when you click on the avatar of a person in a post.) They are both free-form text fields.

To configure these, click on your avatar on the top right, and click on the little gears icon. This takes you to your profile preferences.


There you can find these under the “profile” tab.



This is really neat, but I can’t find the fields! Only Location and Website.

That’s awesome @plexus!

@saikyun try looking here: https://clojureverse.org/u/saikyun/preferences/profile

Try refreshing the page if they don’t show up!

@martinklepsch thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

Tried it, still the same result sadly: https://memset.se/9411/63e9d3076eb36a45370abc29557b83ffef6bd17d

I changed them to be “editable after sign-up”, maybe that helps?

It did, thanks! This post has to be at least 20 characters so here’s some filler.

I already had them on my Twitter profile. Nice to have them here too. Thanks @plexus!

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