Python interop -- Scicloj meeting video, and ways to get involved

Hi. I think that, somehow, the video of the Scicloj meeting about Python interop has not been shared here. So, here it is.

To me, it was fascinating. Probably, anyone who is interested in bridges across technologies would find that discussion helpful.

Even though our next web meetings will be mostly about other topics, we keep discussing Python interop on other channels, and it will surely be central to a lot of what we plan for the following few months.

In my opinion, there is a beautiful opportunity here – a lot of stuff has become feasible. As @Carin_Meier recently twitted, many conversations have changed from "No, but … " to “Yes, and …”.

Here are some ways you may get involved and enjoy that opportunity:

These are all great ways to both help and learn. Let us talk!


This is awesome! I wonder, have you had a look at: it uses a lib called JavaCPP which allows auto-generated JNI bindings from Java annotations. It includes bindings for numpy and others. Don’t know much more then that, but thought I’d mention it.


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