re:Clojure 2021 pre-conference workshops

The re:Clojure 2021 conference is about two months away. One of the things that will happen even sooner is the series of pre-conference workshops. In this post we wish to tell what they are about, and suggest a few ways you may be involved in creating and having them.

What are they?

The pre-conference workshops are part of the re:Clojure celebration. Their goal is to allow the broad Clojure community a learning experience about some parts of the emerging ecosystem.

This time, many of the workshops will be related to data science, and organized in collaboration with the Scicloj community. It will be a good time to look into a few of the libraries and tools that have been growing there and are now maturing gradually.

Most workshops will take place during November and will be self-contained sessions of 1 or 2 hours. One person will be explaining and demonstrating, and the participants will listen and participate, possibly trying things at their environment where it makes sense. The same topic may repeat a few times throughout the month. The format will be somewhat similar to the various weekly Scicloj study sessions, but a bit more scripted, preferring clarity over exploration. We may try out other formats as well, sometimes. Below you can find the current tentative wishlist.

Getting involved

We would love to hear your thoughts about all this. Are you interested in participating? Do you have any ideas for topics or other aspects of the workshops? Would you like to be involved in orgaizing, teaching a workshop, moderating a worksohp, or assisting participants?

Please note that some of the topics are very much learnable and teachable. This means that any Clojurian who likes to teach can present them well with some preparation. If you’d like to help in teaching one of those topics, let us talk.

If you wish to suggest a topic of your own, we would love to talk too and see if we can help you in turning it into a workshop.

See you there,
re:Clojure & Scicloj

Tentative wishlist

(edit, 12.10 – :avocado: see the updated tentative list :eggplant: )

(edit, 30.9 – added injest)

  • data wrangling

    • datasets with Tablecloth
    • arrays with dtype-next
    • linear algebra with Neanderthal
    • auto tranducification and auto parallelization with injest
  • data visualization

    • Hanami templates
    • viz.clj
    • Interactive visualizations with Clojurescript
  • probability and statistics

    • basic notions
    • statistical computing with Fastmath, kixi.stats, Fitdistr, Inferme
  • data science tools (literate programming, dynamic visualization)

    • Saite
    • Notespace
  • machine learning

  • physics and differential calculus

    • Sicmutils
    • simulations
  • interop

    • using Clojure from Python
  • data science

    • working on real-world problems

Awesome! I’m looking forward to participate and learn!

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Would you be interested in An introduction to Fulcro workshop?


@HolyJak that would be fantastic in my opinion.

A few amazing people have started looking into teaching some of the workshops.

Here is the tentative list.

We’re still looking for a person to teach a basic workshop about linear algebra with Neanderthal. There is no need to be an expert, just to have the time and attention to prepare a nice session.

Other additional topics are very much welcome too.


The November workshops will need moderators – people who will be there and assist the teacher: possibly presenting the topic and teacher, announcing some info about other workshops, being minded to the clock, asking some clarifying questions, checking the chat for questions, etc.

If this is something that you like to do, please tell me.