re:Clojure Data Science Special ā€“ Dec. 5th 2021

Edit (2021-12-2): The agenda and event link have been announced.
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The re:Clojure schedule has a wonderful lineup of speakers. Also, November was full of workshops, which are parts of the same celebration.

We realized it might be good to meet again on the day after the conference to recap, respond, and add more context to the topics discussed.

Thus we (re:Clojure & Scicloj) are organising a Data Science Special day on Dec. 5th, the day after the conference.
It will be more informal and will focus on data science, data tooling, and scientific computing

In this form, we are asking for your initial feedback regarding our plans for that day.
Your thoughts & comments will help so much.


Nice! It will be good have an informal discussion on the roadmap of scicloj. Iā€™d like to know what new things will happen in the following year, and find some interesting part to contribute.

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zulip stream
meetup event

The agenda is mostly set ā€“ see the event.

We will meet on the day after re:Clojure to recap, respond, and add more context. It will be a more informal event and will focus on data science, data tooling, and scientific computing.

We expect it to be useful and interesting to all Clojurians. Most sessions will assume knowledge of Clojure. Some will assume a little more.

The event is organized by Scicloj and re:Clojure.

If you wish to speak or present anything briefly, please reach out to Daniel Slutsky at the Clojurians Zulip Chat ā€“ there might still be some room for more.

We will use Zoom for video and Zulip for chatting during the event. To register for the meeting, please say hello at this topic thread.

Below is the tentative agenda. Slight changes are expected since a few more speakers will probably confirm joining.

Times are in UTC time zone: UTC - exact time now -

10:30-11:30 REPL Sessions ā€“ just exploring data together

15min break

12:00-12:45 ā€“ An intro to the language J
35min talk ā€“ Oliver Mooney
10min discussion

15min break

13:00-13:45 ā€“ An ecosystem overview
30min demo ā€“ Sami Kallinen & Daniel Slutsky
15min discussion

no break

13:45-14:30 ā€“ Machine learning
30min scicloj-ml ā€“ Carsten Behring
15min discussion

15min break

14:45-15:45 ā€“ Data
10min dtype-next, ā€“ Chris Nuernberger
10min Asami ā€“ Paula Gearon
10min Injest ā€“ John Newman
10min Tablecloth and Tablecloth.time ā€“ Ethan Miller
20min discussion

15min break

16:00-16:40 Data Visualization
25min Hanami tutorial ā€“ Kira McLean
5min Viz.clj update ā€“ Daniel Slutsky
10min Discussion with Jon Anthony

10min break

16:50-18:30 Visual Tools
Short updates/demos:
10min Saite ā€“ Jon Anthony
10min Portal ā€“ Chris Badahdah
10min Reveal ā€“ Vlad Protsenko
10min Oz ā€“ Christopher Small
10min Notespace ā€“ Daniel Slutsky
10min Goldly ā€“ Awb99
40min Discussion

5min break

18:35-19:20 A bridge to Wolfram Language
30min Overview - Pawel Ceranka and Christopher Small
15min discussion

10min break

19:30-21:00 Discussion in groups

15min break

21:15-22:15 REPL Sessions ā€“ exploring data together

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