Re-frame Flow: A graph based visualization tool for re-frame event chains

Hi all! :tada:
I’ve created a new debugging tool for re-frame. re-frame-flow is a graph-based visualization tool for re-frame event chains.

Let’s assume we clicked a login button and triggered a series of events. login-fx -> http-fx -> some-fx -> some-db-handler ... (event after event), so a path gets generated, re-frame-flow visualizes all paths in a graph.

Here is the link: GitHub - ertugrulcetin/re-frame-flow: Graph based visualization tool for Re-frame event chains

All comments and feedback are welcome!


really cool! will try it out and let you know if any feedbacks :slight_smile:

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YES! I’ve been meaning to try to build something like this for years, literally, but never found the time and energy. Thank you!

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