Real-world-data meetings

Clojure is gradually becoming more and more promising as a platform for solving data problems.

Of course, it has always been very expressive in data processing and exploration and has been used in serious large-scale big data scenarios for years. In recent years, several new libraries and tools have been adding many of the missing pieces for a full data-science platform, including high-performance computing, machine learning, data visualization, abstract math, etc.

Following recent conversations, we are organizing a meetup – hopefully a first on a series – where individuals and groups will share their experiences, problems, hopes, and doubts, regarding the use of Clojure for data problems.

Data analytics, machine learning, AI, data engineering, scientific computing, and data visualization are all welcome.

We want the discussion to be useful not only for those who already use Clojure for data science but also for those who are curious but doubtful and might be using other technologies for some of those tasks.

:mushroom: For now, your response to the survey will help a lot.

:leafy_green: Also, please share this with relevant friends.


Just a reminder about this survey :point_up_2: :pray: .

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