reClojure community voices: will you tell your community story?

(edit: fixed time information)

As you all know, reClojure 2022 is coming soon, and its focus this year is on Clojure Growth: making Clojure more friendly, popular, inclusive, and cool in new ways.

One of the conference slots will be dedicated to bringing the voices of various Clojure communities: local communities, study groups, dev groups, etc.
Edit: See the session on the reClojure schedule – there will be a short slot on Friday, and a longer one on Saturday.

Each group will briefly tell its story and invite the audience to join.

Each presentation will probably be about 5 minutes, depending on the number of communities participating.

If you are involved in organizing a community project, you are invited to join this slot. You may arrive as 2-3 representatives from your community – it would be lovely to make the faces and voices more well-known to the broad Clojure audience.


Please reach out to me here or at


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