Recommended way to modify a component’s main 'object'

So I am coding one component that takes, say, an ‘article,’ and upon hitting ‘enter,’ the article turns into two: now I ask, how do I handle that? My shadow-grove component took an ‘article’ as argument, but now that article has been split in two.

Apologies…, if this is not phrased well. I hope this is something we have oft-encountered and so the answer will be easy…

Sorry, I don’t really understand the question? Your data controls what gets rendered, so can you express your question in data? What does it look like before, and after hitting enter? Also ok if you express it in re-frame/reagent/react terms.

I realize I didn’t pose the question well. Let me get back to you.

I think my understanding will be edified if I try to implement the same simple functionality in pure React, then Reagent, then in shadow-grove. I’ve done a lot of work in Reagent, and very little in React. When I am using React, I am trying to be “kind”… Reagent is so much more… elegant. But I realize that that may be just my personal idea of what is elegant. My intuition tells me shadow-grove is more elegant still (than Reagent), and this, along with the fact that I think you did a great job with shadow-cljs, …these observations make me enthusiastic about moving on from Reagent to shadow-grove. But at any rate, let me get my mind in better order, and pose my question in better terms.