Regular events for beginners at Clojure Camp (also: mentors wanted)

A quick update on what’s going on at Clojure Camp (the friendly Clojure learning community). Since opening doors in January, we’ve got several regular events on the go:

  • 1:1 Pairing Sessions
    Put in your availability each week, and get scheduled to work together (remotely) for an hour with a peer or mentor - practise Clojure basics, work on some exercises, learn a new library - whatever you decide.

  • Mob Programming Sessions - Beginner and Intermediate
    Work as a group to solve a coding challenge. For beginners - learn the Clojure workflow and how to think in Clojure; for intermediates - fill in gaps in your Clojure knowledge and argue about the best way of solving a problem.

  • Watch Me Code Sessions
    Mentors live stream as they work on something (usually open-source).
    Currently: Kira McLean working on various data science related things, each Monday

  • Office Hours
    Live sessions with a mentor. Drop-in and ask questions.
    Currently: Sean Corfield, each Monday

  • Show & Tell
    Pop in and share what you’ve been working on, what you’re currently stuck on and what’s next.
    Currently: every other week on Thursdays

  • Peer Group Chats
    Hang out with other learners like you. Every group runs their event their own way.
    Currently: “Clojure com Cervejas” - for Brazilian Clojure learners, every other Thursday.

So, if you’re learning Clojure and would like some real-time support - come on by! The live event schedule is in the Discord - get started via

…and, if you’re an experienced Clojurian, looking to connect with others and give back, we’ve got a ton of ways to participate (participate in 1:1 pairing, stream your own Watch-Me-Code, host Office Hours… or some other new format we haven’t thought of yet).

Hope to see you around. Cheers!