Relational Mapping and rt.postgres

I’d like to start open sourcing tooling related to postgresql development in order to attract opportunities to what I’m calling Relational Mapping. I do think my approach is quite relevant in terms of helping map out systems have been built through nosql means.

If you can spread the word by liking the LinkedIn (as in, genuinely think it’s a useful process) and forwarding it to people that might be interested, it would help both myself tremendously and I would believe for clojurists in general as it may open up a new market for db/dataflow consultancies given that postgres is quite dominant in its space.

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Your initiative to open source tooling for PostgreSQL development with a focus on Relational Mapping sounds really promising! It’s exciting to see efforts aimed at bridging the gap between NoSQL and relational databases. :clap: :clap:I’ll definitely check out your LinkedIn post and share it with others who might find it valuable

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Really appreciate it. I haven’t made a lot of effort promoting the libraries. It needs a bit of love from the visual side of things. Hopefully I can solve this within the next couple of months.