Released Chestnut 0.12.0

A new Chestnut release, containing mostly upgrades to dependencies (ClojureScript, Figwheel, Om, Environ, lein-cljsbuild, …)

Contains a fix for lein jar contributed by Mark Ingram :

Contains an upgraded README in generated projects, in particular the instructions for Emacs/CIDER have been brought up-to-date, and a few remaining references to Weasel were removed.

Full Changelog:

Doing a lein new chestnut should pull the latest version immediately from Clojars (you can check at the bottom of the generated README.)

For existing projects it is recommended to use lein ancient to check for outdated dependencies, and to apply the change in PR#170 manually. Note that lein ancient does not check Leiningen plugins in use, you have to check these manually against the latest version on Clojars.

Actually, if I recall correctly lein ancient :all and lein ancient upgrade :all will check plugins as well. (Bonus: lein ancient profiles :all and lein ancient upgrade-profiles :all will take care of everything in your ~/.lein/profiles.clj too.)