Reminder about link posts

Occasionally people create posts that only contain a link to somewhere else, an interesting article, a StackOverflow question, etc.

Here at ClojureVerse we recommend that you add at least a small paragraph (or two) about the link or why you’re sharing it. This isn’t a hard rule, we’re not gonna call people out about it, but consider it good form. We’re not reddit or a link aggregator, we want have conversations, so if you share something tell us why you’re sharing it.


I generally post a link to podcast episodes, usually without any extra content. Not sure if there is more to say than just posting a link, but I’ll try to add topics discussed in the future. I hope that is okay.

One thing that would be nice is time-linking different sections of the podcast conversations.

0:00 Intro
10:20 Editor Tooling
14:23 Development Cycles

Maybe also just pick some highlights that might be worth discussing. :slight_smile:

Indeed time-linking is definitely a cool idea, but we are too unstructured :stuck_out_tongue: I can certainly add a highlights/summary.

Would love time-linking

@vijaykiran like I said this isn’t a hard rule, since people are generally familiar with Defn it might be that the subject already says it all. Still a little description never hurts. “We talked to $x about $y and $z and had some good laughs.”

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