Remote role at Fy!


Fy! is an online store (mobile & web app), for discovering and buying
cool products, mostly in home furnishing space, see [1].

I’m looking for Clojure(Script) developers to help with the building
of the apps using Clojure & ClojureScript. Some of the tech used:

  • Clojure(Script) for web/API services
  • Datomic
  • React Native via ClojureScript

What your usual day will look like:

The whole development team is remote, where we communicate over Slack.

In the morning we have a stand-up. Then we can either pair or work on
a task independently. Once complete, we follow GitHub flow, where you
create a PR and nominate some team members to review. After which your
work will be deployed to production.

Meetings wise, we have very few meetings per week. You’ll have a clear
schedule to get on with your work, using whatever tooling you feel
most productive with.

Our setup is: GitHub with CircleCI, deployed on AWS via Docker

If you’re ever stuck with something, we have the atmosphere, where you
can ask any question, no matter how simple/complex, without judgment.
That might seem obvious, but we aim to err on the side of welcoming
and supportive.

What kind of developers am I looking for?

Ideally senior, versed in Clojure(Script). But if you don’t have the
experience in Clojure(Script), but you do have the enthusiasm, and you
can show it, I’d love to hear from you.

Constraints: most of the team is based in Europe so it would be great
if you were in a European time zone.

Please email me a short description of your experience and what
you’re looking for along with your CV, to [email protected].


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