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Yesterday’s thread about RDD misconceptions got me to start browsing around for resources that tell the REPL story. That got me to rediscover the videos that the nilenso Youtube channel put out last fall.There are two videos about REPL driven debugging there, that I think stand out in that they deliver this Wow, the REPL is indispensible! feeling. Here’s the first one:

My browsing for resources took a halt here because I found that I needed to see all the videos the channel provides. They take this path from first principles that I currently need to recalibrate and rinse my Clojure understanding. Anyway, so I think we could collect the material produced that we think sell the REPL well in a thread here. What have you found out there?


The video is interesting, but IMO, it shows an anti-pattern, in the way he interacts with the REPL, copy-pasting stuff instead of evaluating directly from the source file.


Yeah, that’s a bit unfortunate, but I don’t think it takes away very much from the message as such.

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I’ve defined a high level view of REPL driven development and what it means to me

I also cover the foundation of using the REPL driven development workflow I use in this video. Although some things are specific to Spacemacs, the workflow is the same regardless of using CIDER, Conjure, Calva

I am writing a blog that expands on this workflow in more details.