Reply by email fixed + emoji reactions

Our incoming email provider (Dreamhost) retired their support for catch-all email addresses, and we were relying on that for incoming email. Normally when you get a notification from ClojureVerse in your email you can just reply to it right there, but if you tried that in the last few weeks you got an error back. Not any more, replying by email is fixed again, with apologies for the delay and inconvenience.

It used to also be possible to post new threads/topics by sending them to a specific per-category email address (e.g. This is currently no longer possible. When I set up ClojureVerse I thought this would be pretty important since we were seeking to be a home for project mailing lists, but I don’t think a lot of people were using that any more. I doubt many people even knew this was possible.

If you were using that though or you’d like to see that come back for specific categories then ping me. I don’t want to break people’s workflow :slight_smile:

Finally I decided to add slack-style emoji reactions to posts. I especially like them as a light-weight polling mechanism, and of course there was a discourse plugin so that was easy to add. Enjoy!

Does it look like this for everyone or is it me somehow? It looks different on the plugins GitHub as well…

Might dig into the stylesheets if that’s the default :smiley:

yup, same here. That could use a bit of styling love <3

Here we go :sparkles: :smiley:

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