Reveal Pro: batteries included Read Eval Visualize Loop


I’m happy to announce a new version of Reveal — Reveal Pro!

Reveal is a Read Eval Visualize Loop for Clojure, a powerful and extensible REPL output pane that lives in the JVM. Being in-process allows for easy access to objects, which makes it perfect for data inspection.

While Reveal is intended to be infinitely extensible, Reveal Pro aims to be batteries included, providing more data exploration tools out of the box.

A flagship feature of the initial Reveal Pro release is Forms:

It is a generic and multi-purpose tool to convert data specifications (like Clojure spec which is supported out of the box) to UI inputs for creating the specified data structures. Some problems it solves:

  • learning possible shapes of specified data — not always easy to do with spec;
  • exploring data-driven APIs — forms are refs that can be watched, and Reveal allows defining custom auto-updating views for refs;
  • creating data structures with contextual help — the ability to copy-paste data structures between your code and forms can aid in writing inputs to data-driven APIs.

Give it a try and tell me what you think!


I now released an update to Reveal Pro — version 1.3.265 :tada:

This release adds SQL DB explorer that allows you to get a good overview of your database schema and seamlessly browse relational data across multiple tables, all while being available in your REPL:


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