Rich 4Clojure

Please try this Clojure editor version of 4Clojure out, folks:

I have translated the original problems over to fit in a file by file format and created Github gists for each, hoping that will be a nice way to share solutions.

The rationale for editor based is that a REPL enhanced editor is where Clojure code is best crafted. If we can encourage a Rich Comments workflow early on in Clojure journeys, I think a lot is won.

The rationale for gists is that administrating a server and all that for the sharing of solutions isn’t so alluring to me. I know Eric Normand uses gists for his newsletter challenges with good results.

If someone wants to add configuration/instructions for Emacs, Cursive or whatever is your fancy to the project, please be my guest!


Thanks for this! amazing, already posting some solutions in the gists!

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Saw them! That’s pretty cool. I am hoping to be totally drowned in notifications. :joy:

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