S-expression's nerds wanted!


I’m seeking to bring together a group of programmers in order to experiment around language design, in particular: Lisp/Clojure dialects. I’m exploring this domain for some years now with the help of Clojure (both implementation and philosophy) and would really enjoy some peers at this stage of my journey.

As an example, one thing that I would find appealing to do would be to put up a small lisp with those kinds of features:

  • generic functions at the heart of the core library
  • reifi-ed/able environment
  • more granular macro system (environment passing)
  • rethought control flow (not boolean based)
  • rich and extensible pattern matching in core binding forms
  • do not be tied to the file system
  • introspection and debugging (and even editing) at the heart of the language.

Prototypes and experimentations could be done in clojure(script) of course. I have done several during the last years and will be happy to share/discuss them.

Here several topics that deeply interests me:

  • Meta-programming
  • Logic programming: miniKanren, prolog and derivated things. Seems to be the right way to write programs :).
  • Gradual typing.
  • the Red language and Fexprs based dialects of lisp (Kernel).
  • the Unison language’s codebase and hashing concepts.
  • Code equivalence techniques.
  • Structural code editing
  • Smalltalk like developing environments.
  • Concatenative language (Forth, Factor…)
  • Combinators, continuation passing style.
  • Graphs, Web Semantics
  • creative/generative coding

I have to mention that I am an autodidact programmer, former musician, therefore my CS knowledge is quite heterogeneous.

If you are interested in those topics or have any suggestions, please let me know !

Happy lisping :slight_smile:



Definitely pinch some ideas from Deno here haha :slight_smile:

Good luck with your project Pierre

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