SASS Watching with Figwheel

So I’ve wanted to start using SASS/SCSS with my ClojureScript Rum project, and I found this in the Figwheel Wiki, and I copied and ran the figwheel script (I placed it in the projects scripts directory) and got this error

Figwheel: initial compile failed - outputting temporary helper application to resources/public/sample.js
Figwheel: Starting CSS Watcher for paths  ["resources/public/css"]
Figwheel: Starting SASS watch process
CompilerException clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Error in component :sass in system com.stuartsierra.component.SystemMap calling #'com.stuartsierra.component/start {:reason :com.stuartsierra.component/component-function-threw-exception, :function #'com.stuartsierra.component/start, :system-key :sass, :component #user.SassWatcher{:executable-path "sass", :input-dir "sass", :output-dir "resources/public/css"}, :system #<SystemMap>}, compiling:(/home/bigdaddytank/JVM_Langs/Clojure/portfolio/scripts/figwheel.clj:71:1)

It’s saying something about called com.stuartsierra throwing the exception, but reading through the error message I got 0 clue how I might fix this error.

EDIT: Here’s a bit more info on this com.stuartsierra/component

The compoment that threw the exception is :sass of type user.SassWatcher. The original exception is available as a cause throwable on the ExceptionInfo.