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I’m planning to do some work to refresh the Scicloj website, with an up-to-date collection of info pages and a series of blog posts.

Info pages and blog posts are somewhat complementary:

  • information pages are mutable, and try fact-based (or at least consensus-based), and always true and up-to-date
  • a blog is mostly immutable (except for minor corrections/updates) and can offer an opinionated analysis by specific authors at a specific point in time

For example, see these info pages:
and see this great post by Alan Marazzi, that actually had two immutable versions, each offering an analysis for its time:

During the last year, I often found it more useful to write posts at Clojureverse, as that allowed them to contain a discussion. I think it makes sense to copy some of those posts and contain them on the Scicloj website.
For example, this recent one:

Please comment:

  1. Do you have any thoughts about that?
  2. Do you have any old posts you’ve written elsewhere, that you’d like to add to the Scicloj website?
  3. Would you like to add some future posts that you hope to write?
  4. Would you like to co-author a post if you find somebody to collaborate with?

I’d be interested to learn more sharing of effective work-flow for data cleaning and visualization with Clojure/ClojureScript.
Similar to “Lisp curses”, Clojure/ClojureScript don’t lack varieties of tools, but it takes streamlined work-flows to amortize the tremendous potentials of Clojure/ClojureScript. For example, I find using Clojure with Oz to create the pipelines of data cleaning and visualization can be natural and declarative.

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