Scicloj meeting: Sicmutils #1 - geometry, symbolic math, and physics in Clojure(script)

Following a recent comment of @Markus_Agwin about Automatic Differentiation in Sicmutils, some of us have become more interested in the possibilities the library may open for the emerging scientific Clojure stack.

Discussing this with the maintainers – Colin Smith & Sam Ritchie – we decided to organize a couple of meetups.
The first of these meetups will take place on Dec 2nd and focus on the library’s ideas and the possibilities that it opens for scientific computing in Clojure.
Future meetups will present the interactive tooling that becomes possible thanks to the current work of porting the library to cljc.

You may wish to watch Colin’s 2017 talk on Clojure/West, read into the recent notes of Sam about applications to numerical computing, and watch Sam’s upcoming talk on re:Clojure!

Here are the details for the first meetup:
Speakers: Colin Smith & Sam Ritchie
Moderator: @lambduhhh
Length: 2 hours


I made a video a while ago, demonstrating Sicmutils using Scratch-like visual programming. It is for others to decide whether it works as a teaser. :slight_smile:


This is beautiful @Markus_Agwin.

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See you on Wednesday!

Is there a video available?

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@borkdude it will be published at @lambduhhh’s youtube channel and then announced here too.

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The video:

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