Scicloj public meeting: Common Lisp for the Curious Clojurian

Next week, on Jan. 28th, we will meet Alan Dipert for a talk about Common Lisp for Clojurians!

Probably, many of you know Alan from projects such as Hoplon and Boot. Recently, Alan has been involved in the R Shiny project, making it extensible with React.js, and has also been working on JACL – a Common Lisp compiler for the browser, that brings up some refreshing options for web development.

In this public meeting, Alan will present Common Lisp for the Clojure audience. JACL and web development will probably be mentioned, but will not be the main focus.

If you have any friends who are Common Lisp people, you may invite them too, but the presentation will be geared specifically to the Clojure crowd.


Please RSVP.

Here is the talk’s abstract:

Common Lisp for the Curious Clojurian

“If I had to be stranded with something other than Clojure, I’d be
happiest with a good Common Lisp and its source code.” - Rich
Hickey, 2011 [1]

Common Lisp (CL) and Clojure are both dialects of Lisp. Rich Hickey,
the creator of Clojure, learned CL and used it professionally before
creating Clojure.

What can Clojure do that CL can’t, and vice versa? Why would anyone
use CL today, when both Clojure and ClojureScript exist?

In this talk, I will try to answer these questions and more, from the
perspective of a long-time Clojurian with a growing passion for CL.


At the r/lisp subreddit, PuercoPop suggested a previous talk by Hans Hübner on similar topics:

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Good news: the meetup moderator will be @Daniel_Szmulewicz.

See you on Thursday!

Please excuse my ignorance, but is there a link to the meeting?

Hi @maacl!

You can join here:

Then we’ll send you a calendar invitation with the Zoom link.

Oh, sorry, I see you’ve already joined.
Just sent you the invitation.

I signed up about half-an-hour ago, but I haven’t received the Zoom link. :frowning:

Is there any way for me to join?

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(Email arrived now.)

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@simon-katz thanks for your patience.

I was unable to attend, was there a recording of the event? Thank you for putting this event on!!

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Hi @tterhune !

It will be shared here in a day or two. :blush:

@tterhune and everybody:here is the recording of the Common Lisp talk:

Many thanks to Alan Dipert for the brilliant talk, and to @Daniel_Szmulewicz for the wise facilitation.



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