Seeking DB backed key-value store library (clj)

Novice dev here, looking to build some crud apps with clojure whilst avoiding the extra learning overhead of SQL & RDBMS.

What are my options for a simple key-value store (preferably DB-backed to sqlite, H2 etc).

Something like the Keyv JS library would be ideal:

Keyv - Simple key-value storage with support for multiple backends

There’s a lot of simple CRUD you can do without needing SQL, via next.jdbc and any traditional database (such as sqlite or H2): Friendly SQL Functions — com.github.seancorfield/next.jdbc 1.2.780 (

You can find by example hash map, get by ID (primary key), insert a hash map, delete by example hash map, update by example hash map – all with zero SQL.


Datalevin can be used as a key-value store for edn data. It can run as an embedded database so is pretty straightforward to use - just add the dependency and copy the code from the readme.


These both look like good beginner friendly libraries, thanks

Datalevin is really nice to use. Can recommend as a noob.