Setting up VS Code for Clojure and Overtone development

In my new article, I describe how to setup VS Code and Calva for Overtone live coding environment.

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I’ll put my comment from Clojurian’s Slack here as well:

Before we execute any code first we need to disable pretty-print option for REPL. This is required because Overtone isn’t perfect, and in some environments it can behave somewhat unexpectedly. In this case, for every code execution it will print several thousand lines of code.

In Calva there’s an alternative to disabling pretty printing to avoid this. You can also set the Pretty Print Engine to calva. Which will do pretty printing (using zprint) on the client side, avoiding the explosion. Here are some details around this:

I totally understand if that does not fit in your article. Simplifying things with ”disable pretty print” is reasonable. But at least now people reading this will know that there are options to this approach. :smile:

And another things I said on Clojurians: It’s so great that you do this work with these tutorials! Thanks!