Shadow-grove: A CLJS-native solution for browser based web frontends

I have been meaning to drop the experimental label from all of this for a while now. A few people have expressed interest in this and asked for a formal release so here it is. I have used this for many years now, so I’m not calling it new anymore. It is fairly stable but far from complete.

The biggest weakness is the documentation. I still have nowhere near enough time to write it all, but consider this the first step. If enough people are actually interested in this I will try to expand the proper documentation whenever I find some time.

I have written several braindumps on several of the aspects involved which you can find here. They are a little unstructured and all over the place though. Might be interesting for some though.

The library itself is somewhat stable and I don’t have any major breaking changes planned at this time.

Also posted here.