Share your microcomputer setup!

Do you have any Raspberry Pis around your house? Perhaps some other small computers?

Please show them off! Bonus points for pictures, or if any of them are running Clojure.

I’ll start off!

Tiny debian machine. Nice keyboard and display, paired with a super-cheap SOC computer!

Currently in use:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B: Media center with Libreelec / Kodi sitting in a drawer under the TV. Super simple to set up, and runs 1080p without problems from a connected external hard drive. Somehow, it even understands the pause button on my TV remote – I have no idea how, but it works!
  • Rasberry Pi 2: Normal Debian desktop. Quite interesting that an old, small, cheap SOC computer can do most normal internet things today.

Previously used:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B: DIY web server, to learn what I’m doing. NGINX running in front of a .jar with a Clojure server inside.
  • Raspberry Pi 3B: Login node running an SSH server. I have forwarded a port from the router to this one, so that I can access my home network from other places. I want to try out Wireguard as well, to VPN back home.
  • Raspberry Pi 3B: PostgreSQL database server. Just a sudo apt install postgresql, and it all worked. Interesting to be able to work with real hardware, instead of “managed everything”.

Want to try:

  • Media server of sorts. I’d like to have access to lots of storage from anywhere, and to be able to play any of that on my media center.
    • Low-end option: Raspberry Pi with large external hard drive. ~$50 for pi, SD card and PSU, ~$100-$150 for 5 TB external drive
    • High-end option: FreeNAS server. I’ve estimated a cost of about $1600 for a reasonable system here. But it would be interesting to build on a bit more solid foundation.

This pi3 case was inspired by Star Trek, I made it out of the cardboard box the screen came in, and covered it in black puff paint.

It’s running the first Clojure program I wrote, a little app that lets you do 4clojure problems from the terminal.


Bought an Onion Omega 2 because I couldn’t find the bluetooth Y splitter I needed. I have bluetooth headphones and a bass backpack that works on bluetooth too but my Android phone can’t use two BT devices at the same time. It accepts a battery and can monitor its level and has a tiny OLED screen (both additional modules).


I got it working with the provided packages and I’m now in the middle of building an interface to control that bluetooth machinery (with cross-compiled clojurescript on Node). I will add a mini joystick at some point for the controls. Or a directional cross at least. Eventually I’ll build a case for it. I was thinking of building a case out of clay reinforced with gauze. Not sure how that’d play out with heat though.

I also need to do the same thing to twiddle the knobs of my boiler. Winter is coming.

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