Slack integration

Would it help if you could easily move a question from slack to clojureverse? I think it would be nice to have a button to pull information from slack to clojureverse where its easier to find.


It would be interesting to see who uses Slack actively here. I - for one - don’t.
But it would be a nice move to raise visibility of the forum.

One thing I dislike about Slack is the need to re-read a lot after a while, but an interesting question on Slack would be nice to discuss in a forum fashion way. It might also “provoke” some readers to register and interact with.


I think that having a category in Clojureverse for “good bits of Slack” and an easy integration point to move well-answered questions, useful conversations, etc. from Slack to that category would go a long way toward solving the evergreen problem facing the Clojurians Slack community, namely that Slack’s business model fundamentally is not here for giving a group in the low five figures with no institutional support a way to have archived, searchable history without paying Slack $texas.


Discourse provides an extensible system for how to render various links called OneBox, e.g. if I put in a link to Wikipedia it shows the first paragraph, if I put it in a gist it shows a truncated version of the code.

Links to the slack log currently don’t do anything, but we could change that so they render the message, or if possible, the slack thread. That would go a long way towards making it easy to continue conversations from Slack on Clojureverse.

There’s a related issue on clojurians-log-app about rendering threads.


Github issue for clojurians-log-app:

I added some more thoughts there.