[SOLVED] Ask for help on my ob-clojure-literate project code

I’ve been stuck in this problem for a long time, and I try to ask for help in Emacs mailing list, Org-mode mailing list, and my question on se.emacs. But less people are know botch Emacs Lisp (and Org-mode) and Clojure. so this is hard to find guru on my question. I know still a lot of people use Emacs, and even Org-mode. I’m still a beginner on Emacs Lisp and Clojure, but my created packaged ob-clojure-literate can help some user who like it.
Ask one same question which I really want to solve and stuck for a long time in many places, but still not solved. This is very depressed. I guess this is my last hope. Because I don’t know where else I can ask for help except upper described place.

Copy the original question is not worthy. Because I setup a high bounty (second round) on the question.
Here is my question. my question on se.emacs.